Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Returns Policy- Thwwip Stickers does not accept returns or refunds due to no longer wanting product of it the product isn't what you expect. The product listings have clear pictures as well as descriptions indicating size and finish of each sticker. Please be sure you  understand what you are buying before you click purchase.

    If an item or package is damaged please contact the store and we will handle it on a case by case basis.

  • Do you ship outside the us?- Of course we do, fair warning the shipping out of the us can be expensive and all VAT Taxes will be assumed to be paid by the buyer/recipient not the seller.

    • SHIPPING AND TURN AROUND TIME- Thwwip Stickers is a small shop run by 1 person , as such the turnaround time before an item will ship can be between 1 and 7BUSINESS days, this is due to wanting to process orders together , The shop is also in a small town that doesnt recieve postal services friday through sunday so orders made over the weekend will not ship out until the business week begins.
      Once an item has shipped it can take anywhere from 1 week up to 2 depending on the end destination and recent changes with the postal service.
      You will be provided a tracking # so that you may keep track of your order.

      International packages can take from 2 weeks up to 4 depending on the time of year and your countries customs services.

    • How do I take care of my stickers ? - the site has a page dedicated to sticker care.

    • Where is THWWIP STICKERS BASED? - Thwwip stickers is a shop run out of Georgia USA

    •  Can I post videos about your stickers? - OF COURSE!! I love seeing people enjoying the stickers and prints they've ordered.