Sticker Care.

Die Cut Stickers

Single Die cut stickers purchased from ThwwipStickers are NOT 100% water proof!!! they are water and weather RESISTANT!!!!

These stickers are handmade in a small workshop and printed in vinyl on an inkjet printer using archival ink. They are then laminated providing extra protection as well as UV protection. The lamination makes these stickers water resistant not proof.

These stickers are not dishwasher safe but can be hand washed.


Freebie stickers are often misprints and mifits , as such they are rarely if ever laminated and are not water or weather resistent.


These stickers are printed in a small shop at home and can succumb to wear and tare over time. They are homemade and do not come from a factory!! They may have slight variations and imperfections and wont be factory perfect.